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Ahmad Wali Massoud

Chairman, Massoud Foundation, Afghanistan

Ambassador Massoud is the younger brother of the late Ahmad Shah Massoud.   After serving in Ahmad Shah Massoud's resistance army during the Soviet invasion and as a London-based political activist, in 1992 Mr. Wali Massoud was appointed as Afghanistan’s Minister Counsellor and Chargé d'Affaires in London.  


After the fall of the Taliban, and following the establishment of the new administration under the Bonn Agreement, he was appointed as ambassador to the United Kingdom in 2003.


Ambassador Massoud’s appointment once again elevated the position of the Afghan ambassador in the United Kingdom.


Ambassador Massoud has a masters degree in political science.

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Ahmad Massoud

President, Massoud Foundation Worldwide

Ahmad Massoud is the son of the late Ahmad Shah Massoud and he is founding member of the Massoud Foundation USA Board of Directors.  Through his service as President of the Massoud Foundation of Afghanistan, Mr. Massoud encourages leadership development of the next generation of Afghans. Mr. Massoud gained deep experience in politics early by growing up at his father's side and witnessing his father's political/military decision-making process.  Mr. Massoud was 12 years old when his father was assassinated, and until then, he was mostly "home-schooled" by his father, who focused his son's education on literature, history, and ethics.

Mr. Massoud has a strong interest in astronomy, literature, and soccer.  Additionally, he has organized many events for the Massoud Foundation in Afghanistan in London, especially key annual commemorations for his father on September 9, also known as Martyrs' Day in Afghanistan.  Mr. Massoud graduated from King’s College London where he majored in Political Science and War Studies and earned his master’s degree in International Politics from the City University of London.

Bilal Waheed

Founder & Executive Director

Massoud Foundation Australia

Bilal Waheed is the founder and executive director of the Massoud Foundation Australia. He is an IT Engineer who has worked for leading ICT companies in Australia and abroad. He holds a Bachelor of Information Technology from Charles Sturt University and a Master of Strategic Communication from the University of Canberra.

Bilal has been heavily involved in community-based services for several years and was most recently an executive member of two prominent Not-For-Profit organisations where he led and coordinated community and fundraising events as well as engaged in several conferences and forums to advocate for human rights and social justice issues in Afghanistan.


Bilal has been actively supporting the newly arrived refugees from Afghanistan to Australia and advocating for those seeking humanitarian protection. Since the fall of Afghanistan into the hands of the Taliban, Bilal has had a strong focus on girls’ education. He has been sponsoring female teachers and facilitating online education for disadvantaged girls in Afghanistan.

Bilal is passionate about philanthropy and intercultural works; hence, he is determined to grow and develop the Massoud Foundation Australia in support of its key values and objectives both in Australia and abroad.

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Tariq Nasri

Director (Public Relations)

Tariq Nasri is an Employment Relations & Human Resources professional and has over 9 years’ experience working for leading multinational companies, in the transport, legal services and labour hire and staffing industries. Tariq has completed a Bachelor of Human Resources & Industrial Relations from Macquarie University and is currently completing his final year for a Bachelor of Laws from Macquarie University, Sydney. 


Tariq has previously worked for volunteer organisations supporting and mentoring refugee students through their HSC studies to ensure a successful transition to tertiary education or otherwise. Tariq is a proud Australian Afghan and is passionate about furthering the academic and historical significance of Masoud’s legacy on current and future generations.

Marina Nawabi

Director (Community Services)

Marina Nawabi has graduated from Faculty of Law and Political Science from Kabul University, studied Master of Policy  and Applied Social Research at Macquarie University, she has also obtained a Graduate Diploma in Family Relationships Counselling with Uniting Care Australia and obtained certificates in Leadership, Supervision, Theory of attachments, Trauma and Mental Health.

Previously Marina has worked as a Gender Advisor, Program Coordinator, Women right’s team leader, Policy making and Capacity building officer with Counterpart International (USAID), Woman’s Kind (UK) and ActionAid International in Afghanistan in the area of Community development, Women’s empowerment, Capacity building, Evaluations and strategies to poverty reductions.

Marina has demonstrated capacity to lead and created a program where she was responsible to coordinate and manage women’s political groups to encourage and empower women’s political participation in Afghanistan between the years of 2007-2009. She has also developed highly valuable experience and worked as a Multicultural Health Officer, Case Manager and Counsellor with both the Afghan and Australian Communities for Government and not-for-profit organizations.

Marina has the expertise and passion in conducting trainings on Gender, Human’s rights, Globalization, Poverty, and Governance. Marina has attended several international conferences and forums to advocate for women’s rights in Afghanistan.

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Dr Yasser Waheed

Director (Cultural & Community Affairs)

Yasser Waheed is an overseas trained medical doctor, health services management professional and cultural activist. He studied Medicine at Kabul Medical University and completed his postgraduate degrees in Health Science at Western Sydney University and Health Services Management at University of Technology Sydney. He has worked at Macquarie University Hospital and Sydney Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgery. 
In addition, Yasser has worked as a Paediatric Trainee Surgeon, Health Coordinator, Journalist/Media and Communication Officer with MoPH, IRD, Equal Access and USAID in Afghanistan. Apart from his official roles, he has been working as freelance writer, editor, and language Instructor providing services for government and non-government organisations as well as involvement in community and cultural activities.

Yasser believes that cultural/educational activities and economic development can enlighten and empower society. Therefore, he is committed to work with MFAU and promote cultural and community programs.

Jafar Noor

Director (Operations)

Jafar Noor is an Administration and Procurement professional and has over 7 years’ experience working for a leading global logistics and supply Chain Company.  Jafar is currently completing his Diploma of Procurement from CIPS. 


Jafar has extensive involvement in community and cultural affairs as team leader and manager of community-based organisations which includes but is not limited to sporting events, linguistics, spirituality, and outreach services. Jafar is passionate about his cultural heritage but importantly, brings a positive and energetic outlook to this role by connecting people and cultures who share a commonality of values and principles.

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Massoud Foundation (USA)

The Massoud Foundation USA was founded in 2016 and has done wonderful work to bring the Afghan diaspora together in the USA and to focus attention on humanitarian relief, community development, and successful immigration and prosperity.

Overseas Offices


Massoud Foundation (AF)

The original Massoud Foundation was started by the Massoud family in 2002 following the assassination of Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud by al Qaeda/Taliban. The Foundation has granted specific groups with the mission of representing them around the world.


Massoud Foundation (UK)

The Massoud Foundation UK was founded in 2021 and has done wonderful work to bring the Afghan diaspora together in the UK and to focus attention on humanitarian relief, community development, and successful immigration and prosperity.


Mustafa Kohistani

Director (Youth &  Innovation)

Mustafa Kohistani is an Information & Technology professional with over 11 years of experience in developing and managing Software via Service and Platform applications. Mustafa has completed his Bachelor of Information Systems/Information Technology from Macquarie University Sydney.

Mustafa has previously established and worked with volunteer organisations such as YCDP (Youth and Children Development Program) working closely with United Nations to provide support and necessary training to youth who fled Afghanistan during war.

With his passion in Information Technology and love for helping his People, Mustafa's goal is to connect the community virtually via technology or in person.