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Parwan Flash Flood Appeal

Flash flooding hit Parwan, Panjshir, and Kapisa province in late August 2020 which killed around 160 people, more than 250 people either injured or missing (likely trapped under debris); more than 500 homes destroyed, and an estimated 4500 people who required shelter and basic necessities. In addition to the tragic loss of life and homes, the flooding in these provinces has destroyed hundreds of acres of agricultural land, with the heavy rain wiping out all crops. 

The Massoud Foundation put a step ahead to lead a joint effort to raise money for the neediest people who were in desperate need of basic food, medication, and shelter, with on the ground help from several other non-profits, emergency response, and civil society organizations of Parwan Province. 

With the support of the Afghan community in Australia, we were able to raise around $25,000 AUD which was an incredible achievement within a short period of time. During this time we were working directly with the head of Massoud Foundation in Afghanistan, Mr Ahmad Massoud the head of Massoud Foundation in Afghanistan to ensure that all donations reach the victims of the disaster. The donations were distributed to 180 affected families.

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