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The Massoud Foundation Australia is a Sydney-based non-profit organisation fostering an enduring relationship between Australians and diverse communities of Afghanistan residing in Australia and celebrating the culture of these communities by raising their awareness.  The Massoud Foundation Australia brings Australian communities closer to each other by not only promoting cultural awareness but also education within these communities in Australia and in Afghanistan.


We aim to help organise the Diaspora from Afghanistan living in Australia to create a unity of purpose and promote interfaith relationships, harmony and ensure cultural/traditional continuity and awareness. We also aim to help the most disadvantaged through our charitable efforts.

Massoud Foundation was established and registered as a charitable trust in 2002 in Afghanistan, with the main objective of human development in the field of education and health as well as cultural activities. After 20 years of successful service delivery to the poorest of the poor in areas of education and health as well as cultural activities in Afghanistan, Massoud Foundation has expanded its activities in Australia, the USA, and the UK to work with the diaspora of Afghanistan in abroad and in Australia and Australian citizens who share ideals of Massoud.

We are dedicated to the memory of Ahmad Shah Massoud as a lasting tribute and in acknowledgment of the monumental role played by him in preserving liberty and dignity of his people against the Soviet invasion and later against violent extremism of Al-Qaida and the Taliban. He led the struggle to ensure the independence of his country, his people, and a goal for which he paid the ultimate price. Late Massoud famously envisions an independent, united, and prosperous Afghanistan “in peace within and with the rest of the world.” Learn more..

We see Australia as a wonderful friend of Afghanistan, and we thank the Australian people for their continued support and efforts to improve development programs in Afghanistan.

"I believe that the coherent guideline of Massoud's entire public life was his patriotism and conception of public service."

Prof. Michael Barry

Our Mission
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Our Objectives are:

​Massoud Foundation Australia has three core objectives:

1. Celebrating life and legacy of late Commander Massoud
2. Enhancing of Australian-Afghanistan relation 
3. Organising diaspora of Afghanistan in Australia to create a unity of purpose not only for the above two objectives but also for promoting harmony and ensuring cultural/traditional continuity and awareness.

  • Therefore, we are promoting the ideals of the late Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud who envisioned Afghanistan as an independent, united, democratic, and prosperous “at peace within and with the rest of the world".

  • We engage with different communities of Afghanistan and wider Persian-speaking people in Australia, particularly regarding educational programs concerning their cultural heritage and identity in both Australia and Afghanistan.

  • We assist in the areas of provision of education, healthcare, nutrition, and the day-to-day needs of the impoverished communities, with a particular focus on disadvantaged women and children.

  • Undertake fundraising events to support the welfare programs mentioned above and many more in partnership with the Massoud Foundation Afghanistan.

  • Provide settlement assistance to newly arriving immigrants from Afghanistan to Australia to ensure a harmonious start and integration into their life in Australia, to support our ideal for our community to be a productive member of the Australian society.

  • Hosting social and cultural activities such as sporting, cultural and community events, as well as academic conferences.

Our Vision

The Massoud Foundation Australia is an Australian non-profit organisation fostering an enduring relationship between Australians and the people of Afghanistan.

Refugee Welcome Picnic

Our Mission

To bring Australian communities closer through raising awareness, meaningful cultural exchange, and education, and to bring “peace within” communities through humanitarian and charitable efforts to support the most impoverished people in need of help.

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